The Abandoned Island

By: Angelina Olterman

There was no fog in the air but the wind was carrying this dark radiance which made it hard for Yraina to walk through the valley of Stelectrial and also because there was puddles of some green ooze. All that Yrainna knew about it is that it makes her dumbfounded when she stepped on it. She was at the entrance of the third and final portal on the abandoned island.

But before she had time to step into the building her Clarkle ring buzzed. Yrainaa tapped on it and she could hear a weak voice coming out of the ring. “Can you hear me?… I’m just letting you know that we sent Crystial Steed to pick you up by the third portal.. All you need to do is break the last portal so no more Gorgorans can come into this microcosm. Then we will come with Wirlhaks army to exterminate the rest, good luck!” Yrainna took a deep breath and answered with a bold voice “Thank you captain, I’ll make sure it happens.”

Yrainaa snuck by the entrance with a befuddled look because she thought that at least two guards would protect the last portal they had to enter this dimension. But nobody was there. As Yraina came closer to the portal she noticed that two warlocks were at the other side of the portal, protecting it with a perpetual shielding spell. She accepted the fact that she wasn’t leaving without a fight. So Yrainaa pulled up her colossal gloves and raised her hand at the back of her head and the other foremost ahead the other. Yrainaa is the quickest runner on her tribe, therefore she can run almost like lightning. So she started sprinting towards the first warlock that was currently preparing a spell on the portal. She lifted the blade outwards striking at the warlocks neck instantly killing him. The other Gorgorian, warlock notices and starts casting a blazing spell. The Gorgorans were very large, but also lethargic. So Yrainaa bounces high into the air and lands behind the warlock and stabs him in the heart. But it was too late, the Warlock had warned everyone on the other side of the portal.

The portal needed to be shut down but by the noise of what sounded like an alarm meant that nothing good was on the way. Yraina placed her clarkle-ring on the headboard of the portal with help of a stone slab that was on the floor. The clarkle-ring instantly glowed up and started buzzing two times. There was needed a command to be able to shut down the portal. Yraina was not familiar with this method. Trying to send a message to the captain about the situation but it didnt go thru and to make things worse three Gogorans with each a sword and shield were coming at her.

She quickly grabbed her bag and took out what looked like a glowing snowball. Yraina threw it and suddenly a huge amount of fog rises from the cracked stone floor and the guards stopped. That would at least buy some time for Yraina to figure how to fix this issue. She swiftly turned her Phoenix leather, one shoulder bag upside down. To find  a tube of toxic Diadrome, a 10 meters rope, a otherworld medical kit and..a leather strapped book. Yraina did not recall putting that there but accessed the book anyway. This was a factual book about demonic camcorders. This is conveniently exactly what she needed so she could shut down the portal. And good timing too because the fog was wearing off. She scrolled thru the entire book to find any images of a portal. There was  portal symbols on the last page of the book and instruction and commands to do as the book called it “Simple beginner commands” she felt a gloomy mood swing but was forced to ignore it because she needed to shut down the portal with the commands. Yraina pressed the clarkle-ring swiftly and pressed like her life depend on it (maybe because it did). A few seconds passed by and the portal had shut down but before she had time to turn around, one of the guards had already reached her.

The Gogoran swung his axe high up in the air and only was able to injure her right leg leaving a scar because of how swiftly she turned around. She was going to pull her blades out but realized that she succeeded her mission and just needed to get out. Yraina started rushing towards the exit and jumped high into the air with a hard landing on the stone brick floor because of her leg. She didn’t have time to sob but instead started to sprint again. Crystal Steed was waiting outside the west part of the platform and before anything else could happen she jumped with her leg over the horse and the horse began to fly.

To be continued….


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